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As we post here on the website often you’ll notice that we do our best to point military veterans in the right direction for success after their military careers.  Life After The Army’s sole purpose is to reach out and help beyond what is given by the military as you transition to the civilian lifestyle.

Many of us dream of entrepreneurship and Life After the Army has addressed that as well by explaining the benefits of starting a military blog.  Make no mistake, if you start a military blog, be heard, gain an audience/traffic and then are able to monetize that site-BANG!-you’re an internet entrepreneur.

Disabled American Veterans small business

The truth is though, that most small businesses will fail.  Most of the time because entrepreneurs don’t do the right research or realize how hard it is to actually get their “dream” business up, running and turning a profit.

Yesterday I got to thinking deeper into this whole “small business challenge.”

Disable Veterans and The Challenges of Small Businesses

If most small business owners fail, then how difficult must it be for disabled business owners?  And, I wondered, is the government taking care of its disabled vets in this regard to help them start and run successful small businesses.  I did a little research and the answer, fortunately, was “yes”.

Check out this excerpt from the Chicago Tribune on what the Government has done to assist its disable vets:

“The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has created the Center for Veterans Enterprise, solely dedicated to assisting all veterans, including the disabled, in starting and building businesses (

The website provides links to sites providing assistance such as U.S. Small Business Administration, which promotes Veterans Business Outreach Centers.

Another site useful for veterans with disabilities is the Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Service ( This site cites tax credits available to businesses employing disabled individuals.

Curtez wrote an article recently that should help those of you who are thinking of starting an internet business, How to Start a Military Blog where he gave great tools, resources and advice.  And the best thing about that article was that you could relate the information to any topic you wanted to create a blog about.  I’m sure Curtez or I will get deeper into choosing  the right blog topic in the future.

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I've been in the Army for 18 years and am a Sergeant First Class currently stationed with the 1st Recruiting Brigade's Master Trainer Team. My dream is to make a living online in retirement while helping military members and their families transition to civilian life and ensuring that they have the support they had while in the military.
"It's about taking care of each other. It's about standing side-by-side, in combat or in garrison. It's about preserving the integrity of our military and ensuring that, as a fraternity, we are supporting each other after the military as well."


  1. I love your blog design and your topic about veterans. It is not everyday that I run into a military focused blog.
    Great work and I love the article. Ex-Navy

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      Thanks for the comment, and visiting the site! Glad to see another Vet doing great things across the internet, continue sharing content my friend

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    This so important for veterans and more need to get involved