The Army’s Cutting Soldiers: Are You Ready for your Post-Military Career?

the army cutting soldiers

The Army’s cutting Soldiers, approximately 50,000 via attrition and other innovative ways over the next five years, so they’ve decided to implement a management tool that hasn’t been used since the draw down of the 1990’s. The National Defense Authorization Act, which is actually an annual occurrence, was signed into law on Dec 31 2011.  It now allows […]

Leaving The Service? Consider Franchise Opportunities For Veterans

Franchise Opportunities For Veterans

While much of your subject matter here at Life After the Army has been aimed at strategies in finding employment in other people’s businesses, it’s totally possible that you may want to go into business for yourself.   According to the “Military to Civilian Transition Guide” , every year more than 7% of Americans take the leap […]

The NCO Creed

The NCO Creed

The NCO Creed was originally formalized with the publishing of FM 22-600-20 on November 13, 1986. Today it continues to reinforce the values and guide Noncommissioned officers by serving as a guide for measuring the competencies of NCO’s across the United States Army. No one is more professional than I. I am a Noncommissioned Officer, […]